For locals. By locals. From Tradition to Innovation – History and Future

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Our Team

Experienced bankers with a passion for the community.

Al Jankowski

Branch Specialist - St. Augustine

In 2015, Al started a career in banking taking a job with Reunion Bank. At Reunion, Al drew on his extensive experience in customer service by filling a key role in developing a one on one customer banking experience with Reunion customers in 3 branches in Northeast Florida. After Center State Bank acquired Reunion, Al left the company in late 2019. In July of this year, Al took a position with Barwick Banking Company in the St. Augustine office reuniting with former Reunion Bank colleagues. His extensive knowledge of the area and background in superior customer service will be a great asset to the BBC family.

Amber Trussell

Branch Specialist - St. Augustine

Amber is originally from Bell, FL but her love for the ocean and history brought her to St Augustine 5 years ago. Amber has been in banking for 6 ½ years, started out as a teller and continues to work her way up in the banking community. She has the passion to learn and grow in all aspects in order to be the best she can be. “I am excited to be a part of this fantastic team as we work together to create a home feeling bank. “You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great, is one thing I live by.” Amber really enjoys spending time with her husband and 2yr old son, along with her love for being on the beach, crafting, and just anything that is outdoors. 

April Davenport

BSA/Compliance Specialist

April is a Florida native and began her banking career in 2002, spending most of the 18+ years in community banks. She has worked in a variety of roles including Teller, Deposit Operations, Loan Operations, Deposit Compliance, and BSA/AML Compliance. Her most recent role was in a large institution, and while it was a great learning opportunity, she came to the realization that her heart was really in community banking. “Barwick Banking Company has such an elite team of bankers who are ready to serve their customers’ needs effectively and efficiently. Many of us have worked together for several years, even decades. I know this team is poised to go above and beyond to provide superior customer service, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of something so special!”

Ariel Masters

Assistant Branch Manager – St. Augustine

Ariel is a St. Augustine native and has been in banking for seven years. She started as a part time teller with Ameris Bank and then climbed to a personal banker and then assistant manager. “I am so happy to be a part of a local bank that truly cares for building relationships. I take a lot of pride in St. Augustine and to be a part of this family and bettering my community brings me so much joy!” Ariel enjoys being outdoors and spending the weekends on the boat fishing with her family and dogs.

Chad Bowling


Chad has been in banking for over 22 years. He began his banking career as a teller at SouthTrust bank and has held a variety of positions with experience on both the retail and commercial side of the business. Chad currently serves on the Board of the St. Augustine YMCA and is a Member of the Rotary Club of St. Augustine. Chad’s favorite aspect of banking is being able to apply a common sense approach to find a solution that will serve the various needs in the community. He enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 children, boating, sports and he loves to travel.

Christina Zdunek

VP, Loan Operations

Christina has worked in Banking for 18 years, 15 of that has been with community banks.  She appreciates the home town feel community banks have with their customers and employees have with their co-workers.  She’s been a teller, member service representative, teller supervisor loan administrator, and is currently the loan operations manager.  “I love working with the team at Barwick Banking Company and have worked with many of them for eight years, I feel lucky to work with such wonderful people.  On my down time I love spending time with family & friends on the water.”

Cindy Hampton

Deposit Operations Specialist

Cindy has 20+ years of experience in banking including, Teller, Customer Service Representative, Deposit Operations Manager, Electronic Banking Support, Loan Operations Supervisor, Loan Processor and Loan Data Review. “A majority of my banking career has been with community banks so I am very excited to be a part of Barwick Banking Company and working with such a great team again!”

Corey Gibbs

Market Executive - GA

Corey has been in banking for 8.5 years, started out as a teller and has worked in every position for at least some period of time to have general training. Corey is a fitness junky and loves anything outdoors. He enjoys offshore fishing and spending time with family. “I love being part of a close knit community and this job allows me to build those types of relationships with people.”

Gail Baker

SVP / Operations Manager / BSA Officer

Gail has 30+ years of experience with various roles in banking including, International banking; Branch Banking-Teller, Customer Service, Branch Manager; Consumer, Residential, and Commercial lending; CRA officer; Business Development and County President.  “Phew that’s a lot - obviously I started my career when I was 10!  I am so thrilled to be back working with such an amazing team here at Barwick Banking Company!!”

Heather Proffitt

VP/Branch Manager – St. Augustine

Heather started her banking career at SouthTrust back in 2001. She has experience working as a Teller, Customer Care Representative in a call center, Personal Banker and an Assistant Branch Manager. She loves banking because the learning never stops. Heather loves to work one on one with customers to assist them with their banking needs. She makes it her goal to treat every customer like family. Yes, Heather’s last name is Proffitt, so she tries to assist her customers in gaining extra profit for themselves. The exciting thing about working for Barwick Banking company is most all of the employees come from working for previous small hometown banks. So she feels confident that they, as a team, will provide the best customer service. In her spare time, she spends time with family and friends and loves to run to stay in shape.

Jim Bange


Jim has been in banking for over 30 years, but his most rewarding time was starting a community bank in 2008.  “I loved working with the team there.  We got through a tough economy and built a great bank”.   “The great thing about Barwick Banking Company is that many of our team members are working together again.  That, coupled with the amazing existing people at Barwick, I am looking forward to the future.”   Jim and his wife Kelley have a blended family with four children, Jamie 24, Tanner 22, Abby 19, and Taylor 15.  Jim enjoys spending time with his wife Kelley, together they enjoy the beach, boating, and traveling.

John Hodas

EVP, Chief Financial Officer

John has 35 years of professional experience with the majority of that time spent as a Chief Financial Officer in banking.   He played a lead role in forming a community bank in 2000 that ended up selling to a regional financial institution in 2012.  Outside of work, John enjoys spending time with his wife, Connie, and their 3 children staying active in the outdoors.  John and Connie also enjoy riding their motorcycle exploring the rural areas of Florida.

John Matulia

Vice President Commercial Banker – St. Augustine

John has been in banking since 2018, starting his banking career as an agricultural lender in the Farm Credit System. Prior to this, John was a real estate agent specializing in recreational land, agricultural land and commercial property. He enjoyed making the jump from real estate to banking, where he went from helping people find their dream property, to partnering alongside them and helping to actually make that dream a reality. In what feels like a lifetime ago, John was drafted out of high school to play professional baseball with the Tampa Bay Rays. After his 7-year baseball career, he earned his B.S. from Auburn University (War Eagle!). John enjoys spending time with his wife Sara, their children Keeton and Ellie, and whatever local beach has the best surfing break on any given morning.  “I look forward to teaming up with our customers, to help them fulfill their business goals while helping to build a stronger St. Augustine.”

Jolene Faucette

Assistant Branch Manager – Daytona Beach

Jolene is a native of Daytona Beach. It’s where her and her husband Boyd raised their 2 children, Ashley and Brian. She has been in banking for 35 + years. Jolene has spent the majority of her career working for a couple of different commercial banks. She started as a teller and worked her way through various positions to become a banking center manager. “Through my banking career I’ve always made customer service my #1 priority.”

Marie Brasington

Cashier - Barwick

Marie was hired by Fred Jones, past CEO of Barwick Banking Company in 1981, when everything in the bank was manual.  She remembers using the 10 key posting machine to post paper checks.   This was when they would wait for the courier to pick up the checks at the bank and take them to the airport in Thomasville, GA, to be delivered to the Federal Reserve in Atlanta.   “Things are a lot different now, and mostly I really do consider myself lucky to work with very nice coworkers and living close to work is nice too.”  Marie travels to Keaton Beach, FL every weekend with her husband Glen.  They enjoy fishing, riding on their airboat and grilling on the sandbar.

Mark Chastain

EVP, Chief Lending Officer

Mark began his banking career in 1991 in a corporate training program for a large regional bank in Orlando after graduation from the University of Florida.  He has been a loan officer for various regional and community banks for the past 29 years.  He enjoys golf, exercising on the beach, and spending time with his wife, Mara, and their three children ages 19, 16, and 15.  “The most rewarding part of my job is seeing our business customers succeed through partnering with our Bank.”

Matt Stietzel

SVP Loan Officer - Daytona Beach

Matt Stietzel is a lending officer, serving the local community for over 30 years. Matt’s priority is to provide a personal touch to banking with the ability to meet the financial needs of consumers and local businesses . He enjoys boating and fishing with his wife Amy and their 2 Golden retrievers. Matt is proud to have raised 2 amazing children, Nicholas and Lexy. “I am thrilled to be a part of the Barwick Banking Team.  I have been privileged to work with this management group over the years. Their proven record of success made joining the team an easy decision. “

Megan Muensterman

Executive Assistant

Megan is a St. Augustine native who has been in the banking business for a few years now. Even though Megan hasn’t been in banking for very long, she is eager to learn and is happy to help whomever needs help! “I’m so excited to be working with this team to build relationships in the community! I love the fact that this team is a family. I’ve worked with most of the team previously, so it’s great to be back together.” In her free time Megan enjoys golfing, being on the water and staying in shape at the gym.

Pam Kelly

Loan Operations Specialist

Pam has 35 years of banking experience and she is a Daytona Beach native. She started as a Teller way back when and she has been an FSR, Loan Processor, Commercial Loan Assistant, Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager. She is a twin and loves spending time with her grandkids, they are her heart. She enjoys camping, boating and motorcycles with friends and family. “In my career I have discovered that working for a great company and with an amazing team, you make the best friends and establish the best relationships. I am so happy to be working with some of them again. I am looking forward to meeting new people, as well and growing with the Bank! So excited to be here.”

Silas Grinstead

Credit Analyst

Silas started working in banking in 2021 while finishing his college degrees. He says, “I am looking forward to starting my career here at Barwick Bank as we have great people who can show me the way as I grow within the Bank. I am very excited for our future here.” Silas was a collegiate baseball player before joining the Barwick Bank family. He enjoys sports and spending time at the beach, on the water, and with friends and family.

Vanessa Mazza

VP/Branch Manager – Daytona Beach

Vanessa has been in banking for 21 years.  She started her career as a teller in 1999.  From there, she worked her way through various retail positions.  Vanessa has been a Personal Banker, Assistant Branch Manager, Branch Manager and Vice President.  Vanessa helped open a community bank in 2008 and has always loved the feel of community banking.  “I am so ecstatic to work with such a great team of bankers again that supports and believes in the community it serves.” Vanessa believes in building relationships with her clients and providing them with the best customer service.  Vanessa enjoys spending time with her family and loves to tend to all of her animals on her free time.

Yvonne N. Parker

Loan Operations Specialist

Yvonne has been in banking since 1995 holding various positions including Teller, Teller Supervisor, Customer Service Representative, Loan Processor, Loan Management/Administration and Loan Compliance Review.  “I am so thrilled to be working with this amazing team, most of whom I’ve worked with for years and look forward to great success!”  Originally from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, she is a true animal lover and shares her home with her “purr-fect” feline kids.

Our History

We are at the heart of the community – Community Service, Investing in our towns.

From Tradition to Innovation…

What began as a dream of some local families to bring banking to their town, continues to this day.

The City of Barwick was incorporated in 1903 following establishment of a Railroad Station.  Shortly thereafter the Bank of Barwick opened in 1907 and was owned 50% by local individuals and 50% by the Witham Banking Company of Atlanta.  Witham provided advise, check clearing, cash orders and examinations and audits.  One of the early bank directors was the wife of a local doctor, she was one of the only female bank directors in the state at that time.

In 1939 the bank became Citizens Banking Company and served the local merchants and farmers.  It was operated as an Exchange Bank and charged for deposits and withdrawals.  It was owned by C.R. Simmons, Sr., Mrs. W.R. Thrasher and Strozier S. Humphreys.  All were local merchants.  In 1946 C. R. Simmons, Jr. purchased the interest of Mrs. Thrasher and Mr. Humphreys and he and his father continued to operate the bank until 1967.

In 1967 the bank was purchased 50% by five local businessmen and 50% by a banking family from Moultrie, GA, who had interest in other area community banks.  The name was changed to Barwick Banking Company.  In the 70’s the bank became 100% locally owned.  Fred Jones was appointed President in 1979 and continues to serve on the board of directors today.

During Mr. Jones’s tenure as President he helped usher in a new technological era for the bank, including a computer system and in-house processing.

In December 2019 a group of businessmen from St. Augustine, Florida purchased a majority interest in the bank, while continuing to have local ownership.

This year the bank plans on upgrading it’s operating systems, introducing debit cards, digital banking, and mortgage services, all while keeping people and decisions local.

“For Locals, By Locals means a lot to us as a bank”, says CEO Jim Bange.  “We are committed to Barwick and to bringing the latest technology to our customers.   We want to be known as a small bank with all the services you can receive at a big bank.   Our employees are key to that and will continue to help you every day, right here in Barwick and beyond.”

Our Board

Leaders in the community. 

Ken Kresge, Chairman – St. Augustine, FL

Jim Bange, CEO – Flagler Beach, FL

Mac McLeod – St. Augustine, FL

Chad Bowling, President – St. Augustine, FL

Marie Brasington, Cashier – Pavo, GA

Edwin Pope – Barwick, GA

Eugene Butler – Barwick, GA

Bill Gray – Atlanta, GA

Breck Sloan – St. Augustine, FL

Ben Jones – Barwick, GA

Fred Jones – Barwick, GA


A reputation for consistently rising above the occasion. 

I have worked with Corey Gibbs for around six years now, and when the pandemic hit, it affected a lot of small businesses.  I called Corey, and he and Barwick Banking Company came through with a PPP loan and helped me keep my employees working.  In a time when big banks are busy taking care of big businesses, it’s good to know bankers like Corey, and banks like Barwick Banking Company are around to help when you need it most.

Matt Carter

Owner/Operator, Carter’s Catfish House, Carter’s Catering and Carter’s Fried Chicken, Adel, GA

The management team at Barwick Banking Company have been impactful partners for me and my businesses for more than 10 years.  Their accessibility, flexibility, and command of business objectives have had a positive influence on the businesses and we look forward to a continued successful partnership for years to come.  I wouldn’t consider banking with anyone other than the team at Barwick Banking Company.

Josh Fogarty

Owner/Operator, Tijuana Flats Daytona Beach, FL (#9 store nationwide) and Orange City, FL (#1 store nationwide)

I have been banking with Marie and Barwick Banking Company for many years.  It’s so nice to walk into a bank where everybody knows your name and they can take care of your banking.  That’s a big difference between the bigger banks and Barwick Banking Company - The people and personal service.

Rick Nix

Owner/Operator, Nix Automotive, Pavo, GA