Tiffany grew up in West Virginia and moved to Florida in 2004.  A couple years later, she met her husband, Tom.  They currently live in Macon, GA.  Their daughter, Sophia, is now attending college at West Virginia University and of course, they are very proud parents.  Tiffany enjoys spending time with family & friends, their three pups, reading, traveling and going to concerts & sporting events.  She’s spent 10 years in the mortgage industry.  Started out as a Closing Department Assistant.  Shortly thereafter became a Loan Closer and is currently a Loan Officer Assistant/Closer.  The mortgage industry can be very fast paced and unpredictable at times, but worthwhile knowing you have played a role in helping someone achieve home ownership.  “I’m very happy to be a part of Barwick’s new Mortgage Division.  I cannot wait to watch the Mortgage Division and bank as a whole, continue to grow.”  Fun fact: Tiffany’s grandmother and mother have both worked in the banking business for many years.  Little did she know or imagine that she would following in their footsteps someday.